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SiegedSec hack against NATO was motivated for highlighting human rights abuses by NATO the group claims on it's telegram channel (SiegedSec). Data included (845MB), 8,000 rows of user-related sensitive information, unclassified documents, and user account access details (Full name, Company/Unit, Working group, Job Title, Business Email ID, Residence address, Photo).

Do you like leaks? Us too!

Do you like NATO? We don't! And so, we present... a leak of hundreds of documents retrieved from NATO's COI portal, intended only for NATO countries and partners.

These documents are very delicious~ While we were looking through it, we had to relieve our horniness many times! gay furries pwn 31 nations~ ;3

"g4y furr135 4r3 h4q1ng th3 p14n37"

Not even NATO can withstand our seduction~ These documents contain info about NEWAC, AFPL, FMN, JLSG, STCO, and more! (NATO really likes acronyms >w<) We'd like to emphasize this attack on NATO has nothing to do with the war between Russia and Ukraine, this is a retaliation against the countries of NATO for their attacks on human rights (- Also, its fun to leak documents ^w^). We hope this attack will get the message across to each country within NATO.


  • purrs cutely* enjoy these NATO documents :3

We'll be back soon for more!

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