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Hack of 285,635 emails from the Nauru Police Force, documenting conditions of the island and abuses endured by asylum-seekers and refugees at the immigration detention centre operated by the Australian government.

Media Coverage

Police Response

Nauru Police:

Dear Secretary,

We are in contact with our network system provider from Australia Mr. Ashnil through our counterpart AFP, for an inquiry involving AFP Cyber crime unit to check whether our system has been hacked. We are waiting for confirmation from Mr. Ashnil to determined if its hacked or not from his platform, We are pretty confidence that our system integrity is secure.

The other second party who deals with our system here is Nauru ICT, we will also work with ICT to see if the hacker are able to access through that platform.

Once confirmation is received from Mr. Ashnil we will provide further update.

Crikey is online publication platform that can throw any story in the public arena, and we strongly believed that the intention is against the Australian government, to course damage for the upcoming general election with the offshore processing center here in Nauru.

Kind regards


Australian Police:

My name is Jim Astley and I am a cybercrime investigator from the Australian Federal Police (AFP). We are currently investigating allegations that a hacktivist syndicate gained unauthorised access to Nauruan Police email servers, and posted the details on a website hosted by Flokinet.

More specifically, the website is hosted at:

enlacehacktivista[.]org – IP address

We’d be grateful if you could take the website down on the basis that material published on this website originated from unlawful activity (specifically unauthorised access to ICT platforms). I am aware that Icelandic laws protect anonymity, and we are not asking for any information to further this investigation. We also understand the need for whistle-blower protections and free media, which are supported under Icelandic (and Australian) law. However we believe that this website is enabling criminal activity, and therefore believe it is appropriate to take the website down. We’d be grateful if you took action to take down the website: enlacehacktivista[.]org hosted at IP address

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.