Masters of Deception

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Masters of Deception (MOD) was a New York-based group of hackers in the late 1980s, most widely known in media for their exploits of telephone company infrastructure and later prosecution.

The original Masters of Deception included: Mark Abene ("Phiber Optik"), Paul Stira ("Scorpion"), Elias Ladopoulos ("Acid Phreak"), HAC, John Lee ("Corrupt") and Julio Fernandez ("Outlaw").

Additional members who have remained anonymous include: Supernigger (also of DPAK), Wing, Nynex Phreak, Billy_The_Kid, Crazy Eddie, The Plague, ZOD, Seeker, Red Knight (who was also a member of Cult of the Dead Cow), Lord Micro, n00gie and peaboy (a.k.a. MCI Sprinter).

File:Modbook1.txt, File:Modbook2.txt, File:Modbook3.txt, File:Modbook4.txt, File:Modbook5.txt