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RedHack 1000 websites defaced

RedHack is a Turkish Marxist-Leninist computer hacker group founded in 1997. The group has claimed responsibility for hacking the websites of institutions which include the Council of Higher Education, Turkish police forces, the Turkish Army, Türk Telekom, and the National Intelligence Organization others. The group's core membership is said to be twelve. RedHack is the first hacker group which has been accused of being a terrorist organization and is currently one of the world's most wanted hacker groups. Wikipedia

Explanation of the Hack

In 2011 RedHack reached out to Sabu and Anarchaos (Jeremy Hammond) over IRC who at the time were mass exploiting a Plesk 0day vulnerability and using it to hack governments, organizations, intelligence firms and hosting providers around the world. In a chat log anarchaos can be seen hacking, rooting and handing access over to RedHack who went on to deface thousands of websites in memory of the Sivas massacre.