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Freedom Hosting II (popularly, FreedomHII or FHII), is a free anonymous hosting service, with PHP/MySQL support, FTP, unlimited traffic and other features. A successor to Freedom Hosting, it was responsible for hosting 15-20% of active websites, in the september 2016, OnionScan Project ScanList (.press).

FHII hosted everything from personal or collective websites and blogs, to forums, cryptocurrency wallet websites, and even, inappropriate or illegal content.

Downfall of Freedom Hosting II

The hosting of child pornography is what led to the downfall of FHII. Despite the clear rule about "zero tolerance for child pornography," the hosting of the main site about it, Lolita City, triggered Operation DarkNet's focus on the service. According to the statement posted on the homepage at the time, more than 50% child pornography was found on the server.

Carried out on behalf of Anonymous, the Hackers' actions during the invasion were described separately. These being:

  1. The invasion and takeover of the server Hacker(s) take control of the service, in addition to making the publication on the front page, officially.
  2. Added the contact e-mail, in case the party is interested in contacting you.
  3. Database dump added
  4. Added instructions, on how to get access to the system.
  5. Added system files (possibly for recovery).


  1. Home page image
  2. Image alleging the method of invasion


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